​​Live music has the ability to provide an emotion that transcends people’s expectations and take them to another place... somewhere that tragedy, pain and weakness do not exist. I’ve felt that emotion from the first moment that I witnessed a live band pouring their hearts out on a stage, leaving the crowd exhausted, exhilerated and hungry for more. It was that experience that eventually led to “The Art Concert”.

So, what made me start doing this? I started out by getting into music as a kid, teaching myself piano and writing my first song when I was 15. Then I played in some bands, wrote a lot of music, received a degree in Recording Industry Management with a minor in Music Business from MTSU in Nashville, worked at Geffen Records and at Universal Music and Video Distribution in Hollywood, traveled the country doing marketing and promotions for Country Music Television, played in some more bands and took a ton of pictures at countless shows.

Producing high-quality digital artwork inspired by the images I captured at shows is something that I started doing years ago to compliment my collection of tour posters. Once I had produced my first few framable prints, I was hooked. I attempt to put the feeling of a live show into each piece that I create... the volume, the loudness, the energy and the connection. Through time... my art has also extended to include music abstract art of other forms, so please check out my different galleries often... there’s no telling what your eyes will find to listen to next.

In addition to new musical art, I also operate a full-service printing website at www.maxelectriccanvas.com, a website devoted to producting high quality professional and gallery wrapped canvas and prints for professional photographers, creative housemoms and general cool gift givers. There you can commission me to make a custom piece of art for you, from a picture that you took, so the possibilities are endless. In conjunction with these sites, I have a blog where I ramble about music, art and life, while keeping you informed of bands or companies I’m working with, shows that I’m hitting, progress I’m making and places you can find me. Oh yeah... I occasionally even get a chance to sit down and play actual music in my home studio. It never ends... just like I like it. Thanks for reading and drop me a line sometime.

Until then, keep your music true... and turn it up ‘til it moves you.


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